L. R. Shah Homoeopathy College

L. R. Shah Homoeopathy College

Principal  Dr. Arvind J. Bhatt
Age :  59 years
Qualification :  M. D (Homoeopathy)
Date of Joining :  01-07-2013
Mobile :  9824213554
Email :  gardi.homoeopathic@gmail.com
Principal's Massage

To cultivate the roots of this holistic system in the upcoming generation for better future of the health of people.

As homoeopathy treats the patients on the principle "SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURANTAR" that means "like cures like", similarly I believe the proper nurturing of budding homoeopaths through up to date knowledge of the system and new developing technologies in the health field and experience through learning may bring a flourishing future for the system as well as healing of the suffering humanity.

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+(91) 9327399799
+(91) 9375455667
AYURVEDA - +(91) 9737360111
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+(91) 9924360643
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