1 Group formation by the students 8th February,2015
2 Topic submission by the faculty members 10th February,2015
3 Topics on the website 12th February,2015
4 Topic selection by the students 15th February,2015
5 Script developing, writing,(1st Draft),fixing the roles played by the team members,
Discussion about script and roles etc. with mentors and seniors, video making- beginning,
Assigning different roles to the team members, practicing schedule in chart form etc.
28th February,2015
6 WWE Panel Meet: Brainstorming the technical details and their development into a script, props used, roles assigned, finalization of the script as per the panel 17th to 21st March,2015
7 Revisions 23rd March, 2015
8 Final script : online submission 31st March,2015
  The ODD ones: 30 min. presentation on a technical topic 2nd April,2015
9 Practicing, video editing, improving script, learning stage nuances, voice quality improvement, etc. in front of the Panel in CC Till 25th April,2015 ( 1day will be assigned to each class to perform on the stage)
10 FINAL PRACTICES & Touch ups 1st to 9th May,2015
11 The exhibition of the striking talent 10th to 20th May,2015

Useful Documents:

Guideline for creating Peer Review Form :

Mentors List :

Sr No.  Department Name of Faculty Title of topic Short Description 
1 Electrical  A. D. Ved Solar Applications in Rural Life students will discuss about application of solar for lighting, thermal (including Cooking), crematorium and socio-technical issues. 
2 CIVIL M.M. Panseriya Road Safety Awarness Students will spread the awarness regarding the rules and regulation under the motor vehicle act.
3 CSE/IT J.R.Ambasana Issues related with Social Media, its Pros and Cons It will cover the issues related to social media and its pros and cons.
Students will have make a drama wherein they will have to show the side effects of using social media, positive effects of using social media, usage of social media as a marketing medium, etc. 
4 ELECTRICAL Dilip Moyal Renewable Energy Sources Stuents will discuss about the different renewable energy source
available, comparison, Prons. Cons of the renewable sources with the non renewable energy sources.
5 ELECTRICAL H. I. Kalaria Environmental Analysis of Business Student will discuss about "Internal & External Factors" Business Environment.
6 Mechanical T.A.Bhatt Laws of Newton's Students will explainning each laws by using body movements & mechanism.
7 CSE/IT J.R.Ambasana Engineering Graphics Demonstration Students will have to make presentation for the subject Engineering Graphics and will have to make real models from the drawings. Students can select 5-6 problems of EG and can make its models like making Pyramid, Cone, Quadrants, Line Projections etc... Sheets for making big models will be provided by the college.
8 civil Umangi R.Desai Water distribution system Students will  explain regarding the system of water distribution in the city and its design of various components
9 DHS Mukesh J.Keshvani Acoustics of Buildings Students will explain about Factors effecting architectural acoustics and their remedies.
10 ELECTRICAL  NIRAV B. MEHTA Journey of Electrical Energy from Power Plant to Home Student will eloborate the journey of electrical energy (i.e. Generation, tranmission & distribution, working of substations etc).
11 DHS Mukesh J. Keshvani Fiber optics Students know about the how can prepare fiber optics? And also about its condition, types and application.
12 ELECTRICAL  NIRAV B. MEHTA Electrical Terminology Student will discuss the basic terminology (i.e. EMF, Potential, Potential difference, Voltage, Current, Resistor, Inductor, Capcitor etc).
13 ELECTRICAL  Priya Jain Energy Saving how to save the energy with different method
14 ELECTRICAL  Priya Jain digital natives and digital immigrants students will explain the difference between digial natives and immigrants.
15 ELECTRICAL  Priya Jain Earthing and Grounding importance of earthing and grounding
16 ELECTRICAL  Dilip Moyal Parliament of Electrical Leaders studebts will play the role of leaders(scientist) and will discuss about their inventions.
17 ELECTRICAL  H. I. Kalaria Bill Bachat Students will discuss about how to reduce electricity bill in day to day life.
18 ELECTRICAL  NIRAV B. MEHTA Autobiography of Electrical Machines Students will play important role of elecrical machine and elobrate itself.
19 MECHANICAL P D Zaveri importance of measurement students will play important role of different measured quantity which we used in our day to day life
20 MCA Mitra Ashara Web risk Students will discuss about risk factor of the web and also give the solution about how to handle that risk factor.
21 MCA Kapil Shukla Software Failure Students will try to reveal the major reasons of software failure by acting as a Software Engineer, Client and Stakeholders
22 civil Umangi R. Desai Various irrigation techniques Students will explain various irrigation techniques and its suitability
23 civil Umangi R.Desai Indian Railway Students will explain the importance of railway in india, history of railway and its organization 
24 MECHANICAL N.K.Meghpara Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) When any worker is working in the industry there is inbuilt risk of accidents. So, in order to have safety of human body, it is necessary to use protective euipments. These euipments are called personal protective euipments (PPEs)
25 CSE/IT MONIKA SHAH Evaluation of Operating Systems Students will perform on various OS platform it's changing nature ,pos and cos 
26 CSE/IT Riddhi Pandya Internet as necessity or need Advantges of Internet as well as uses of it now a days
27 CSE/IT Riddhi Pandya Mobile Generation Evaluation from the CDMA phones to Android phone, 1G to 4G Evaluation 
28 MECHANICAL A G Sharma Demonstration of Mechanisms Students will demonstrate various mechanism for motion transmission.
29 MECHANICAL P.G.Paija Vapour compression refrigeration cycle Students will explain VCRC system.
30 MECHANICAL P.G.Paija Demonstration of four stroke engine Students will demonstrate different stroke of an petrol/diesel Engine
31 Electrical Asmi Ghodasara Magic of magnet and magnetics Applications of magnetics in our daily life.
32 Electrical Asmi Ghodasara Maintenance and repair of household electrical appliances Routine problems faced by us in our electrical appliances in our daily lilfe.Students have to demonstrate the way of maintaining and repairig equipments
33 Electrical Asmi Ghodasara Measurement and instrumentation with technologies Students will find modern methods of measuring different parameters in industries and demonstrate the same.
34 Electrical Asmi Ghodasara Life without invention of a wheel How difficult the life is without a wheel.
35 CSE/IT Monika Shah E- World Day to day life problems can be solved easily using computer and explain many use of computer in routine life
36 CSE/IT Monika Shah Online shoping market Various online shoping wesites are available student will explain how to do online shoping and effect of online shoping in routine life with pros and cons 
37 MCA Mitra Ashara E-learning Students will discuss about the advantagesand disadvantages of E-learning
38 Mechanical Ankur Vachhani Industrial safety awareness Students will spread the awarness regarding the rules and regulation under the Industrial safety act.
39 Mechanical Ankur Vachhani Fuel From Plastic Waste Students will Discuss methods of produce fuel from plastic waste
40 Mechanical Prof.S.H.Bhatt Plant Layout Engineering study use to analyze configuration of manufacturing industry to increase / improve Productivity
41 DHS Sagar khirsariya Use of maths in regular life Student will explain the importance of some mathematical method.
42 Mechanical Mehul Pujara Mechanical Engineering for Mankind Students will explore the branch of engineering called Mechanical Engineering and discuss its importance. Why Mechanical Engineering?- The answer of this question is given by "Mechanical Engineering for Mankind" 
43 Mechanical Mehul Pujara Mechanical Engineering for Girls The students will explore about opportunity for the girls students in Mechanical Engineering.
44 Mechanical Satyajit jadeja Bicycle  Complete bicycle with all the components as well as modern bicycle
45 CSE/IT Prashant Maheta Cloud Computing – Emerging Technology of this Century Cloud computing is a phrase used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network such as the Internet.
46 CSE/IT Prashant Maheta Computer Generation History and Development of Computer Devices
47 DHS Alpesh T. Dhokai Teacher vs Mentor  Student will explain both the aspects traditional method and learning by doing
48 DHS Mukesh J.Keshvani Flying circus of physics Students will dispell the wrong myths and beliefs with the help of physics different laws in the society.
49 Mechanical Devendra Parmar Newton's Three Laws of Motion basic but important laws of nature 
50 Mechanical Devendra Parmar Air powered vehicle its a vehicle which takes air as a fuel.
51 Mechanical Devendra Parmar Is There Global Cooling or GLobal warming ? Global cooling was a conjecture during the 1970s of imminent cooling of the Earth's surface and atmosphere culminating in a period of extensive glaciation. This hypothesis had little support in the scientific community, but gained temporary popular attention due to a combination of a slight downward trend of temperatures from the 1940s to the early 1970s and press reports that did not accurately reflect the full scope of the scientific climate literature,
52 DHS Sagar khirsariya Directional Derivative,Curl,Divergence Students will perform with applicaton of Derivative,Curl and Divergence
53 DHS Rituparna Pal Encoding and Decoding of any massage Students will describe by doing a drama that How to code any Massage and how to decode the same by using simple matrix operations.
54 DHS Rituparna Pal Kirchoff's Circuit Law Students will describe by doing a drama that what is Kirchoff's Curcuit Law and how to solve any problem regarding KCL/KVL by using Gauss-Elimination Method
55 DHS Rituparna Pal Eigen faces Students will describe by doing a drama that what is the Eigen faces and what are the problems regarding Face recognition and how to solve them
56 DHS Sagar khirsariya Application of Integration Based on area and volume technique
57 MCA Milan Vachhani HTTP Header and Status codes Students will act on how HTTP Header and Status codes use in internet
58 MCA Ajay A.Ardeshana Bluetooth Data Transmission Technique Stuent will act on how data are transmitted from source to destination via Bloetooth by playing role as Package, Pagkage tramsmission Gateway, Sender and Receiver.
59 MCA Ajay A.Ardeshana 3G V/s 4G Students will explaying the differences between 3G technique and 4G technique by playing a role of few of the components used in data communication to determine the reasion why 4g technique is faster then 3G technique.
60 MCA Ajay A.Ardeshana Google's Driverless Car Students will exlain the requirement of such a techniques in a car and advantages as well as disadvantages of these kind of extra ordinary functionality applied in car by playing role as a car, driver, passengers etc
61 CSE/IT Nikita Y.Dudhrejia Cyber terrorism Students will explain about cyber terrorism and the solution to prevent it.
62 CSE/IT Nikita Y.Dudhrejia How does a search engine work? Students will explain few search engines and their searching techiques.
63 CSE\IT Nikita Y.Dudhrejia Future of Internet in India Students will expalin current internet system and its use and hoe it will expand in future and the scope of improvements.
64 CIVIL Kajal V.Dudhatra Safety against natural calamities Students will explain about the safety aginast the natural calamities like earthquake  ,rain , etc.according to point of construction view . 
65 MECHANICAL B.J.Kapadiya Future of alternate energy sources Students will explain current status of conventional energy sources and explain the scope of differnts types of alternate energy sources.
66 MECHANICAL M.R.Chauhan Conversation of Energy This topic is based on first law of thermodynamics, by this students will get the knowladge about how energy converts from one source to another source and how its relates to our real life problems.
67 MCA Milan Vachhani Android History and versioning Student will act on how android is become popular and why it is required. Also student will act on different SDK versions of android
68 MCA Milan Vachhani Basics of Data structure Student will act on real life examples of data structure, like queue, stack, tree, etc
69 MCA Mitra Ashara Network Security Students will discuss about network security and how to prevent from different types of security attack
70 Mechanical Manoj Vaghela Computer Aided Design Students will explore the application of CAD and importance of CAD in mechanical engineering
71 Mechanical Manoj Vaghela Linkage mechanism Students can get the idea of how motion transform one form to other form
72 Mechanical Punit Vyas Crystal latice structure Student can get the idea how the various atomic structure exist
73 Mechanical Punit Vyas Mechanical sheet drawing angles studnt can be easily learn 2D and 3D drawing as well as first angel and 3rd angle system
74 DHS Arvind Desai Beti Bachao Students may aware about social evils, rituals, social dogmas toward female foeticide & contribute to aware their surrounding community
75 DHS Arvind Desai Right to Information Students may get knowledge about rules, regulation, precedure for RTI application & Aware their surrounding community for sake of good governence
74 Mechanical Punit Vyas linkage mechanism(tom/kom) various mechanism can be understand 
75 EC Ashish Mehta Gardi EC lab-Learning by doing 24*7 Electronics & Communication department having different kind of laboratories for different subjects. so in this topic student will explain the working of the equipment of EC laboratory by a technical drama
76 EC Ashish Mehta History & Evolution of Electronics By doing the activity on this topic students will be able to understand the history of electronics and the path of evolution of electronics
77 EC Ankit Raythathha Optical Fiber-A Base Of Modern High Speed Communication Today’s technological world and commercial world growing with very high speed communication. Rate of information transfer plays a major role for the same. Speed of communication depends on medium started with  Aluminum, Copper, Co-axial cable, wireless etc. 
78 EC Ankit Raythathha Sensor Technology for Better Engineering mobile
79 EC Ankit Raythathha Wireless Network through Short Range Communication Technology In technological scenario of engineering, we are using various short range communication networks for the data communication as well as data acquisition. For that we are using various technologies like Zigbee, Bluetooth, RF, Wi-Fi etc...
80 EE Anish Vora Hybrid Car Application of Electrical Engineering (Power Electronics) and alternate energy sources to the automobile industry. To reduce the carbon emmision and effect of global warming. An alternate against fossil fuels. Latest technology in automobile.
81 EE Anish Vora Different types of Switch gears In electrical engineering, various types of switch gears are available with different applications for protections and operations.
82 EC Gaurav Joshi  Network Topology in Computer Network  Data communication and networking may be the fastest growing technologies in our culture today. The term topology refers to the way a network is laid out. Two or more devices connect to a link; two or more link forms a topology.
83 EC Gaurav Joshi OSI Reference Model for Data Communication The purpose of the OSI model is to show how to facilitate communication between different systems without requiring changes to the logic of the underlying hardware and software.
84 EC Manish Patel Role of Antennas in our life  the play will emphasize on the applications of antennas in various domains of our life. for ex., wireless communication, entertainment, defence, medical, automobiles, industries, robotics etc...
85 EC Gaurav Joshi Satellite communication Application  Satellite communication, in telecommunications, the use of artificial satellites to provide communication links between various points on Earth. Satellite communications play a vital role in the global telecommunications system.
86 EC Prashant Dadhania Electronic waste (e-wast) – Need to focus to save environment One of the bigest problem in todays world is e-west , through this student will aware society about the issue. Various diffrent methods to reduse e-wast.
87 EC Prashant Dadhania Know your electronics home appliances in better prospective We use various appliances in our day to day life. how they are operated efficiently and effectively. how to small issues.
88 EC Prashant Dadhania Ultimate option "Robotics" – A Helping hand to human being This topic will demonstrate how robotics is helping humans. advantages of robotics. Robitic is helping human in many ways and what is the importance of robotics in todays world.
89 EC Shvetal Pandya Object Oriented Approach superior over functional approach Difference between functional approach and object-oriented approach of programming language can be displayed amongst normal person with the help of a play
90 EC Shvetal Pandya Let us 'C' To simplify the concepts of C language like functions and pointers the play can be designed so that normal person can also understand these high level fundamentals of C language.
91 EC Shvetal Pandya Microprocessor & Microcontroller – A heart of modern engineering devices From a small electronic watch to the giant Space shuttles, each modern devices are controlled by number of Microcontroller or Microprocessors. 
92 EC Jaydevsinh Jadeja God is a great Engineer- Know how human hearing system work Human hearing system is natural engineering mechanism. Through this idea player can explain step by step hearing procedure with different parts of ears functionality. Theme also consists of few figures & facts of troubles in hearing capacity based on different parts of ear.
93 EC Jaydevsinh Jadeja Why his Smartphone faster than my phone This idea focused on history and development of microprocessor from 4004-4 bit microprocessor to recent one.
94 EC Jaydevsinh Jadeja Applications of Signal Processing In a real world around us most of the Electronic and programming devices are working on Signal Processing like Image and Speech processing.
95 EC S.B.Bhatt Interrupt Operation in Microprocessor This process allows the microprocessor to respond to the request made by the external devices for attention or service on a demand basis & leaves microprocessor free to perform other tasks. In this process, external devices or peripheral can inform microprocessor that it is ready for communication & it requests attention. The response to the interrupt request is directed or controlled by Microprocessor.
96 EC S.B.Bhatt Direct Memory Access - A System For High Speed Data Transfer Normally, Data transfer between devices like Input /Output devices, Hard disk drives, Graphic cards, network cards etc & memory requires the usage of microprocessor or CPU to read from or write into any of this devices.
97 EC S.B.Bhatt With the Use of DMA data transfer between thisdevices becomes much faster because microprocessor is bypassed for the entire data transfer operation which also reduces CPU overhead & most importantly CPU/MP can continue its own operation during the entire high speed data transfer. Sequence of events will be demonstrated by different blocks and students will be playing the role of each block to explain the entire functionality.  
98 MCA Kapil Shukla Effect of MOOC on Current Education System Students will discuss on effects of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) on current education system and its probable outcomes.
99 MCA Kapil Shukla Connect the Dots Students will discuss about chain of innovations (interrelated) which changed human life.
100 Mechanical V.K.Mehta Types of Beam Students will compare the  types of beam and they can aware of different types of beam and its application.
101 Mechanical V.K.Mehta Material Properties Students will discuss about different properties of materials and they can understand all the properties.
102 Mechanical V.K.Mehta Comparision between moment,Torque
& Couple
Students can understand the basic difference between moment,couple & Torque 
103 CSE/IT Shantanu Santoki How the memory management done in Operating system Students will discuss the functionality and also how the our operating system memory management.
104 CSE/IT Shantanu Santoki Smart City with new technologies Students will give the demostration related to smart city with all the related technoligies.
105 CS/IT Amit Maru Use of technology in education Students give dempstration on "How to use technology in Education"
106 CSE/IT Jatin Ambasana Smart phones Students will show the advancement of technology in the development of Smart phones. It may also cover the advantages, drawbacks, side effects etc by the use of smart phones.
107 Mechanical Milind Rathod wifi city  student wiil describe the adbantages of wifi city and their usefulness and reuirements.
108 Mechanical T.A.Bhatt Alternate Energy Sources Students will performs task on various alternative way of energy generation.