MCA Department


  • In the domestic and global corporate world, computers hold the key for the improvement of the quality of products and services. As computer has become a vital and inseparable part of human life, professional are in demand in the field of computer applications.  
  • To adhere to this growing demand professionals are kindled and armed with the skill in the world of computer software and its applications.
  • The aim of Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) is to provide postgraduate students with a deep and systematic understanding of the techniques of research and enquiry used to extend, create, interpret and apply knowledge in Computer Application.
  • Students develops a lot of skills and techniques, skills in modern communication system, personal qualities and attitudes that are essential for successful performance in working like as well as provide skills in the state of the art IT tools.
  • Gardi Vidyapith has a number of ultra-modern state of art labs and workshops where the young professionals learned and practice to implement theoretical knowledge into practical use. The specially designed and well equipped labs and workshops are regularly upgraded as per the requirements of the syllabus and as per the global demand of fast changing technological know - how's. The labs and workshop provide ample opportunity to the students to understand, unfold and unravel technology for the cause of humanity.

Professional's Planet - "A National Level Summer Workshop - 2019"
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