MCA Department


MCA department can offer consultancy services in following areas:
  • Software Development : ERP, Online Booking System (Bus, Railway, Transport, Travels, etc…), Academic Software (Library, Attendance, Staff & Student Management, etc…), etc...
  • Web Development : Simple & Static Websites, E-Commerce Solutions, Online Purchase – Sale Applications, CRM etc...
  • Training : Training in field of using operating system(Windows & Linux), Office Software & Tools(Microsoft & Open Office), Internet using and other software..
Following are the software/website developed byMCA consultancy.
Online Examination
    Online Examination System is the website developed by Prof. Milan K. Vachhani, MCA Department. This website is developed in ASP.NET and used for online test. It is used for any institute to take class test or internal exam and for campus interview test also. This system provide following type of functionalities like Add/update/delete questions and tests, View Results, Add/update/delete students. It also provide security like student have limited functionality while faculty and admin have more facilities like view result and create users, etc.

Leave Management system
    Leave Management System is web based software managed by Prof. Kapil K. Shukla, Department of MCA.This project is aimed at developing an online leave management system that is of importance to either an organization or a college. The Leave Management System (LMS) is an Internet based application that can be accessed throughout the organization or a specified group/Dept. This system can be used to automate the workflow of leave applications and their approvals. The periodic crediting of leave is also automated. There are features like email notifications, cancellation of leave, automatic approval of leave, report generators etc. in this system.

GCAMPUS (Gardi Campus) Software
    This is an Android based application developed by Mr. Vishal K. Bhut, MCA Department. This application should be installed in Android based Smart Phone. By this application an H.O.D. or Principal can send the message to their staff members and/or students and/or visitors. Using this application we can inform visitors about Departmental events, Seminars, Workshops etc.

Gardi Maintenance Management System
  • Web based Software for Maintenance Management for GardiVidyapith campus has been developed by Prof. Kapil K. Shukla, Department of MCA.
    This software is used to put three different types of maintenance requests
    1) General (like water supply, electricity, etc…)
    2) Computer Hardware and Network related
    3) Classroom Projector
    With the help of this system maintenance request can be reach to concern person through email. They also get SMS for receiving new maintenance request.

SPORTS FIESTA 2013 Online Software
    This is an online Web-site for Sports Fiesta 2013 event. This project is developed by Asst. Prof. Ajay A. Ardeshana, MCA Department.
    This project contains following modules:
  • Online Registration
  • Reporting
    • Reporting for Participation entries
    • Reporting for the winners of game
    By this software we can reduce the paper work and a hard work of Event Coordinators. Since this site is accessible from anywhere via Internet, Coordinators can do registration of the students at anytime and anywhere.
    By this software a coordinator can find out the total no. of registrations of his/her event as well as other event from other department.
    At the end of the event user can generate the final report which shows the list of winners of different events as well as one can generate the report for the particular event.

I-CARD Generation System
    Automatic student ID card generation system is Dot Net based application. This system has developed by Prof. Milan B Kadivar, MCA department. This application was developed to resolve the student ID card problem and it is being used at student section of Gardividyapith. As soon as students get admission in Gardividyapith, they will get ICARD within 24 hours. So that they can issue books from library.

Faculty Login Module
    This module is developed by Prof. Milan K. Vachhani, MCA Department. It is used for staff of any institute to manage the detail in website. This module is used in GardiVidyapith website. Faculty can login and add/update their detail and that detail will be displayed as faculty profile in website.

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