Electronics & Communication

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Electronics & Communication (EC)

Electronics & Communication (EC) Department is formed to meet the engineering manpower requirement in the emerging fields of Communication & Electronics.  The teaching methodology at EC department has been so designed as to meet the industrial needs. This enables the students to take up positions as Design and Development Engineer, Production Engineer, Quality Engineer, Programmers, Systems Analyst, Operations and Maintenance Engineer, R & D Engineer etc. in various reputed companies in & across the nation.
The Department has always been on a high potential and has experienced and dedicated faculty with strong commitment to engineering education that helps students to work with zeal and enthusiasm. It provides a vibrant and optimum learning environment to the students in order to help them excel in today’s competitive environment. The scope of its applications may be boundless; program is carefully designed to equip students with a understanding of the fundamentals of electronic technologies. Students may subsequently specialize in focused areas of their interest. Finally, workshop trainings and industrial training help students to gain hands-on experience that is invaluable to their career and future education.
Electronics and Communication Department of B H Gardi College of Engineering and Technology, established since 2008, also offering ME (Specialization in Electronics and Communication Engineering) programs.

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