Student Support System

Our main aim to start e-CELL, S4 Extension Center is to provide supporting ecosystem along with keeping the students as the central focus. The e-CELL is bringing in local start-ups, matured entrepreneurs, investors, academic researchers, industry chambers and policy makers to give best possible handholding support to Centres.

Sr. No  Name Designation  Contact
 1  Prof. S. B. Jadeja
(Executive Director)
 2  Prof. C. D. Parmar
 Campus Coordinator
 3  Mr. Kapil Shukla
(Asst. Prof., MCA)

Sr. No Committee Name Coordinators
 1 Overall Coordinators  1. Malay Pachani
2. Neel Sakaria
3. Abhi Panchal (F) 
 2 Account Manager  1. Dipesh Shihora
2. Denish Nandasna
  3   Event Manager 1. Kaushal Rajput
2. Ankit Ramoliya
3. Akshay Pedhadiya
4. Devangi Rupareliya (F)
5. Darshan Joshi
6. Pravin Aggrawal
 4 Corporate Relationship Manager  1. Kinar Patel
2. Viren Rajpara
3. Rushabh Mehta
4. Pulkit Vora
 5 Publicity Manager  1. Sagar jethi
2. Radhika Bhatt (F)
 6  Web Manager 1. Nikhil Jagatiya
 7  Media Manager 1. Mrugesh Tank
2. Paras Solanki


This is the space for us to highlight the activeness of our college clubs. Mention all the activities (seminars, competitions, workshops, short term programs, expert-talks and all others) initiated and executed as a part of club.
Mention the details in chronological order.
Apart from above mentioned details if you need to add more please do so
Activities, Circulars and News are uploaded on website:
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