Mobile and Wireless Technologies Club (MWTC) established at B. H. Gardi College of Engineering & Technology so that regular activities in various aspects can be organize for mobile technology.
AIM ::
Provide exposure to emerging cutting edge technologies of mobile application development, adequate training &opportunities to work in a team or individual on multidisciplinary projects and work for betterment of society and education.

    Goal ::
  • To prepare the students for a successful career with in-depth technical knowledge, values & social concern to meet the requirements of Industry.
  • To aware students about the life-long learning and to introduce them to professional ethics and codes of professional practice.
  • To develop an ability to analyze the requirements of the software, understand the technical specifications, design and provide novel engineering solutions and efficient product designs.
  • Organizing talks, hands-on training and workshops on Wireless Sensor and mobile applications technology by experts
  • Brainstorming new ideas that could be possible with wireless and mobile application technologies
  • Meet new people and share the passion of making awesome mobile applications and being a part of a rich community by pushing our students at international avenues.
  • Leveraging open source hardware and software in this area.

Patron Prof. S. B. Jadeja 9879132280
Faculty Coordinator Prof. Milan Vachhani (MCA) 9898626213
Student Coordinator Mrugesh Tank (MCA) 7600000130
Executive Committee (EC) Prof. Prashant Mehta (CSE) 9426996235
  PulkitVora (MCA) 9727683921
  Akash Nara (MCA) 9904281043
  SmitSatodia (CSE ) 7622068723
  Chintan Parekh(IT) 9978975875
  Mayank Acharya (CSE) 9712213136
  AkashRupareliya (CSE) 9426618254
  Sapan Shah (IT) 9408742287

Sr. No Committee Name Coordinators
 1 Overall Coordinators  1. Malay Pachani
2. Neel Sakaria
3. Abhi Panchal (F) 
 2 Account Manager  1. Dipesh Shihora
2. Denish Nandasna
  3   Event Manager 1. Kaushal Rajput
2. Ankit Ramoliya
3. Akshay Pedhadiya
4. Devangi Rupareliya (F)
5. Darshan Joshi
6. Pravin Aggrawal
 4 Corporate Relationship Manager 

1. Kinar Patel
2. Viren Rajpara
3. Rushabh Mehta
4. Pulkit Vora

 5 Publicity Manager  1. Sagar jethi
2. Radhika Bhatt (F)
 6  Web Manager 1. Nikhil Jagatiya
 7  Media Manager 1. Mrugesh Tank
2. Paras Solanki

  • MWTC Club Inauguration and Hackthon Event (new).
  • Workshop on Android.
  • Workshop on Programming & Application Development using Android.

Apart from above mentioned details if you need to add more please do so
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