IEI Student Chapter


The B.H.Gardi College of Engineering & Technology-Institution of Engineers (India) Students Chapter has been instituted in the campus in the academic year 2012-13. The aim and objectives for which the IEI constituted are to promote the general advancement of Engineering, Engineering Science and their applications to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas on those subjects amongst the members and the persons attached to the Institution.
With an Objective of Including and Promoting the Technical instinct among the students and as a platform for the technical proceedings, The IEI students Chapter wishes to promote many activities every year. To get the students more acquainted with the existing technology and to make familiar with the state of art technology, IEI Students chapter wishes to take an opportunity of arranging guest lectures by experts in various specializations.
With an idea of promoting presentation skills, the IEI Student Chapter also wishes to conduct seminars by students on advanced topics. This will familiarize the students with the latest trends. Besides seminars, the IEI Students Chapter conducts various activities like technical quiz, group discussions, paper presentation etc. the contests promote the students interest in the areas of their specialization and reporting skills.

Faculty coordinator:
Prof. Hitesh Parmar Assist. Professor
Mb.No: 9978488134

Student Coordinator:
(1) Sandip Sinh
(2) Zala Digvijay

  • Immaculate 2014

There were different Activities in immaculate 2014

  • Design of Electrical installation.
  • Paper Magica
  • PLC Simulation
  • Project
  • Electrikos’3.0
  • ProjecktoPrezento (A Project Presentation Competition)
  • SteloRaso (A Competition on Robo Race)
  • Multisim Simulado (Multisim Simulation)
  • PLC Simulado ( PLC Simulation)
  • Energy Conservado (Energy Conservation)
  • SimboloIdentigo (Symbol Identification)
  • PareroMagio (Paper Magic)
  • Improviso (Extempore)
  • GENESIS - Quiz competition
  • Industrial Visit at Silver Pumps – Rajkot

  • Registration form is available for new students.
  • Fee Structure for New Joining Students
One-time Membership Fee for Students Subscription Rs. Share of students’ Chapter, Rs. Share of HQs, Rs.
First Year 70+60+60+60=250 180 70
Second Year 70+60+60=190 130 60
Third Year 70+60=130 80 50
Fourth Year 70 40 30

  • GTU TechFest2015  
  • Electronic Eye
  • Electronic sketch
  • Technical and General knowledge quiz Competition
  • Poster and Paper Presentation on latest Technical Topic.