The Executive Director
B H Gardi College of Engineering and Technology
Subject: IUCEE SPEED Chapter Reformation Proposal

SPEED India would like to request you to re-form the IUCEE-SPEED student chapter at B H Gardi College of Engineering and Technology. The group of students who had participated in theIUCEE-SPEED Regional Student Forum have been assigned specific roles to continue the chapter in your institution.


To provoke engineering students across India to be more involved in improving their learning methods by implementing action plans developed during the IUCEE-SPEED workshops,foster research with interest by using resources and contacts provide by IUCEE and be come a global engineer by being a part of large student network SPEED

  • Any student who is the member of chapter is by default becomes a member of both SPEED&IUCEE.
  • Access to all IUCEE Webinars on LENSOO portal.
  • Can attend and participate in any of the SPEED conferences, forums, workshops& activities
  • SPEED will organize two online webinars per chapter every year(i.e)one persemester.
  • Webinars can be accessed even iffailed to attend.
  • Being part of Intergenerational Panel. Expertswill be provided by SPEED & IUCEE.
  • Guidance from SPEED experts in development & implementation of action plans.
  • Community development programsrelated to engineering organized by SPEED.
  • Selected student leaders as facilitators for SPEED workshops.
  • Successful action plans presented during ISF.
  • Being part of organizing committee of Indian Student Forum &Global Student Forum
  • Chance to participate in GSF
  • Connections with corporates & industries of SPEED and their SPEED promoted events
  • Awareness and selected participation in SPEED Engineering contests &SPEED promoted contest.


A National Committee will be set up who will head all the student chapters across the country.
Five students will form a committee for the student chapter every year.

The Chapter executives identified for thisyear are asfollows:


Chapter Secretary

Mr. Hitarth Chaudhari


Joint Secretary:

Ms. Jill Pathak


Internal Affairs Officer:

Mr. Urvesh Solanki



Mr. Aditya Prajapati


Social Media Officer:

Mr. Virat Patel

The responsibilities of each role is asstated below

1. Chapter Secretary
  • Creating, Communicating, and implementing chapter’s aim and overalldirection.
  • Accountable for all the chapter activities.
  • Should preside over all the meetings of the chapter.
  • Serves asspokesperson for the chapter.
  • Responsible for conveying all the information to the SPEED leaders.
  • Responsible for periodically informing the college authorities about the activities of the chapter.
Joint Secretary
  • Accountable for all the chapter activities in coordination with the secretary.
  • Should preside over all the meetings in absence of the secretary
  • Responsible for getting the permissionsfrom the college in case of any need.
Internal Affairs Officer
  • Responsible for the having database (Documentation) of the club events and workshops.
  • Responsible for updating the college students about the chapter’s activities.
  • Maintains the Database of chapter members.
  • Assists and maintains contact with the existing and newly registeringmembers.
  • Develops and implements standard quarterly reports as a standard reporting mechanism that is to be sent to SPEED leaders.
  • Maintains the calendar of all chapter events.
  • Coordinates the chapter meetingsregularly
Finance Officer
  • Accountable for keeping documentation of the expenses of the chapter ina spreadsheet.Has to submit a copy of the same to the college at the end of every month.
  • Responsible for any finance related work with respective to the club
Social Media Officer
  • Develops and maintains the tools for collaboration and to share information for both online and offline support. 
  • Virtual presence (Website) to be maintained and ensures sustainable update of Information. Should do this by regularly update the website.
  • Responsible for SPEED  promotional items (Design , circulation and maintenance)
  • Integrates, Participates and Maintains professional relationship between SPEED and public through social networks