About Us

A vision unparalleled, a mission unthinkable, a drive unstoppable.

As a prominent contributor in education, we strive to craft globally responsible citizens and outstanding professionals, exhibiting their intellect and excellence stimulating an epoch of a sustainable planet.
Education plays a transformative role irrespective of age, gender, background, ability or resources. Our transformative vision includes all the learners, educators, parents and all stakeholders involved directly or indirectly with us.

For Learners:
  • The learners are enabled to face their future with certainty no matter how much uncertain it is with the right approach, skills, attitude, confidence and maturity.
  • The learners are able to meet the demands of the 21st century world with the strong backup of values and their roots.
  • The learners are able to innovate, ideate, invent, re-create products or services in a scientific and creative manner and also actualize their potentials.
  • The learners are able to communicate and co-exist in harmonious tandem with others.
For Educators:
  • The educators are enabled to equip the learners to face their future.
  • The educators are constantly updated and look forward to continue their professional development in a healthy manner.
  • The educators are research driven and are able to innovate, ideate, invent and re-create products or services in their field of study.
  • The educators engage the learners in research driven exercises.
  • The educators continue to embrace the mission of the Vidyapith and have harmonious interactive relationship with co-educators.
For Parents:
  • The parents are enabled to support the learners in their quest to face their future.
  • The parents realize the value of research and actively involve the learners in active thinking process in day to day life.
  • The parents work in tandem with the educators to provide the right supportive steps for the learners.
  • The parents realize that pressures and threats do not work in the long run and thus objectively enable the learners to make their choices and decisions and lend a supportive view to their learning and career.
For Gardi Vidyapith:
  • The Gardi Vidyapith is enabled to support the learners who are facing their future.
  • The features, amenities, technology, faculty and all the elements involved in the Gardi Vidyapith are in congruence with the demands of the 21st century.
  • The Gardi Vidyapith becomes a true higher learning institute of future.
  • The Gardi Vidyapith embraces research and innovations wholeheartedly and has the best research practices.