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Executive Director

Dr.Siddharth B.Jadeja
A Campus is like a vibrant city, revealing a new face every day while preserving the continuity upon which it is founded. This well describes the Gardi Vidyapith. Here, thousands of people work together on innovative projects, whether students, researchers or staff members - right in the middle of one of Gujarat's most exciting cities. We bring engineering, computer application and management together under one roof, thereby creating one of the region's strongest researches and learning environments. Our broad disciplinary orientation defines who we are. Diversity is an essential characteristic of the GVP. For us, this includes all the various fields of work and activities that make up any great Institute. All this diversity serves the higher purpose of ensuring excellence in research, teaching and outcome base learning. In keeping with this commitment we provide the younger generation with a 21st Century Skills Development and Outcome based education. Our seven areas of special focus play a pivotal role in this regard. They afford a comprehensive framework that allows us to generate the scientific knowledge needed to promote innovation, progress and a sustainable approach to our finite natural resources. This brochure is meant to give you an insight into the vibrant structure that the word "College" symbolizes - we hope that you'll get to know us and that you'll accompany us on our challenging journey into the future!

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