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Employee is in a central to Gardi Vidyapith's growth strategy. A large in-house pool of intellectual capital is the driving force behind Gardi Vidyapith accelerated growth, and is one of its fundamental competitive strengths. Gardi Vidyapith is a Well established educational institute of the Saurashtra Region, Talent is drawn from diverse academic backgrounds, and the emphasis is on recruiting Candidate with formal training that matches their job profile.
At Gardi Vidyapith, our passion is to improve daily living and to create a workplace where every Employee can reach his or her full potential. As a leading global Institute, And our work environment gives employees the freedom to explore and make the most of them.

Potential Workforce
It is Gardi Vidyapith's endeavor to create an environment where Employee can use all of their capabilities in support of the Institute. Therefore, we encourage our employees to balance their work and personal responsibilities. The world-class exposure, growth opportunities and competitive compensation packages offered by Gardi Vidyapith enable it to attract and retain the best talent in the Institute.
Recruitment in Gardi Vidyapith targets the better result from the qualified and experienced Employee, Gardi Vidyapith is one of the few Educational Institutes from the Saurashtra Region with a significant number of expatriates within the Institutes.

Performance appraisal and reward system
Gardi Vidyapith's appraisal and reward system is aimed at increasing employee's involvement in the goals and objectives of the Organization, and encouraging individuals to go beyond their scope of work.
Gardi Vidyapith places great emphasis on soft, conceptual and cross functional skills, for all employees. Employee commitment to areas like Human Resource Development, Health, Security, Better Life Environment.

Human Resources Management System (HRMS)
During the year, a new Human Resources Management System (HRMS) was implemented to support the task of Human Resource and Personnel Administration. This system, designed and developed in-house, is an efficient, online, user-friendly system, which provides an effective interface between HR and its employees spread over various department.
The system is built around a central comprehensive database of all employees and administrative system (Cafeteria, House Keeping, Transportation, Maintenance, Housing), and which assists the HR department in carrying out Recruitment, Induction, Training and Development Performance appraisal, Transfer/Deputation, Welfare activity, Community Social Responsibility(CSR), and final settlement of employees etc.

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