Hackathon 2018

List of Definitions

In-out Reporting system for Hostel:  A system that records the in time and out time and also the duration between the in and out time for the residents in the hostel.

Hostel Maintenance system: A system that keeps a record for the hostel maintenance like overall electricity, food, water, furniture, etc.

Food Pass generator: A system for the canteen management to manage the total number of customers availing for breakfast, lunch and dinner on daily basis and their payment and renewal of the subscription.

Today’s Menu: A system that displays the current day’s menu for breakfast/lunch/dinner, customers can order it online as well as book a table for a particular time slot in the in-house dining.

Students’ document management: A system useful for the administration, which provides an easy way for the students to collect their documents from the student section through just applying from this system. Documents like bonafide certificate, I card lost and found record, loan quotation, etc.

Exam bill generator: Bill for supervisions, internal as well as external examiners, etc. for the faculties.

Library Visitors Management System: Managing the data of the visitors in the library, their in-out time, books read in the library, etc.

Student admission inquiry system: Managing the data for the student who approaches the help centre for admission inquiry.

Suggestion Box: a portal that manages the suggestions provided by the students and faculties, and according to its feasibility, its status of acceptance, execution, etc.

Online fees payment system: An easy way for the students to pay fees online on the portal.
HR management System: Maintenance of the staff data like their details, appointments, contracts, increments, promotions, etc.

Student Management System: Managing the students’ data, like their personal details, result, scholarships, etc.

Dead stock management system:  A portal that manages the stock of the college like furniture, stationary for faculties, equipments for labs, etc.

Wireless Appliance controlling: A system that controls all the appliances with a mobile phone.

Biometric System: A system used for authentication, muster of the staff, etc. through biometrics.

Staff Appreciation Program: A system that records all the achievements of the staff periodically that can help in matters like promotion and increment.

Virtual Classroom:   A virtual classroom is a teaching and learning environment where participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations, and engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting.

Smart attendance system:  It should provide automatic attendance record of student with their all relevant information. Faculty can monitor that record easily and can generate report.
Smart Examination Seating arrangement System:  GTU provides seating arrangement for student which is displayed on notice board. Give solution for that student is not required to visit any notice board and can get seating arrangement information easily.

Online Examination System:  Faculty can conduct online examination and generate reports. Various kind of questions can be putted by faculty. No direct communication required.

Student Report Card Generation:  With a single point of enrollment number student can get their every kind of reports. Eg. Review report, Mid Examination report, Pending backlog report, etc …..

Student Leave Management System:  Student can apply for leave , Engage, Medical leave with all necessary information and that request can be approved by faculty and record can be maintained.

Placement Portal:  Give a platform where all placed student information has been stored and current student can view and can get option for communication. Faculty can get all alumni contact and can check their profile. Alumni can modify their profile.

Blind Coding System: It is standalone platform where student can do coding and screen is atomized off. All keystrokes are stored and when they resume programming and get output. Faculty can generate report for result.

Smart Clicker: All the student can access clicker through their mobile and can do their task or challenge on it.

Real Time Tracking System:  Manage your fleet more efficiently Track Bus offers real-time GPS tracking that allows you to monitor your vehicles and drivers in real time 24/7.

Real Time Traffic monitoring:  The real time traffic information system will be used by citizens to understand the current situation of traffic in the city and to plan their journey accordingly. The solution shall provide the real time traffic information on map which is easy to interpret by students.

Bus Monitoring System:  The solution will be used by commuters to get the live updates about the current position of the buses using SMS/map facility.

Bus Maintenance System:  The intelligent system should give insights to higher authorities about college bus fuel usage, mileage and maintenance. The system should detect and provide an alert in case fuel usage, mileage and maintenance etc. are breaching threshold value.

Pass/ I - card Generation:  Generate online transportation pass or I-card for which can be used by transportation department of college.

Book Sharing Application:  The proposed solution shall allow users to register and share books in both electronic and hardcopy format. The solution is expected to improve reading habit among the students.

Atomized I-card Generation:  Generate online I-card which has all the information regarding library. Can be used by library department of college.

Library Management System:  Proposed solution should provide to develop as a resource planning system for any type of library. It’s basically made to track records of books owned, issued, lost, and fine to be collected etc. It’s a web based system which will help you manage everything associated with a library in a more efficient way.

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